- A major step ahead for code documentation

- First ever code comment platform

- Separate your comments from your source code

- Add comments in form of text, image, audio and video

- Create rich text for your code

- Add formatting, lists, paragraphs in your comments

- Offers a robust, extensible and easy-to-use interface

Core FeaturesCodavi features


    Any Language

    Codavi can be used for any programming language


    Comment Types

    You can create various type of comment (text, image, audio, video, etc). No more text-based comment limitation


    Manage Comments

    Manage your comments separately from your source code


    Easy-to-use interface

    Offers a robust, extensible and easy-to-use interface

History of Comment

Technical documentation (commonly known as code comments) has changed very little in about 60 years of programming (when FORTRAN was created in 1955).

The most advanced features that have been added are markup languages to create different types of contents.

From the inception of code documentation, its use have been sparse although most of the programming community acknowledge its importance.

There are various reasons for this state of things, one of them being that most programmers consider it a waste of time, and partly rightly so.

Why Codavi?

There are various reasons, good or bad, which makes that writing comments is averted.

This can sometimes cause a lot of problems, ranging from decreased readability of source code to maintenance problems.

Most software are developed in teams, where more than one person usually works on a specific problem.

The design and implementation of certain codes flow directly from discussions, meetings and brainstorming sessions.

Since traditional comments is very limited, there is no easy way to add all this information except from writing down everything in code or separate documents.

This is where Codavi comes into picture to solve the above issues.

With Codavi

With our documentation platform, Codavi:

- No more clutter in the source code due to comments: your code will include only source code and a url to your comments.

- No restriction on commments: Comments can be added in form of texts, documents, images, audio, video, and any other type of digital content.

- Increase security: users can grant and limit access to documentation.

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